A lemon


August 2020

Current pen family
Current pen family2020/03/03
Endless recorder
Endless recorder2020/03/10
KWZ IGL Aztec Gold
KWZ IGL Aztec Gold2020/03/16
Kaweco Special FP in BB
Kaweco Special FP in BB2019/07/24
Noodler's Ink Nib Reaper
Noodler's Ink Nib Reaper2019/07/05
Kaweco Sport in B
Kaweco Sport in B2019/03/02
Lamy Safari in 1.5
Lamy Safari in 1.52019/02/03
TWSBI Eco in 1.1
TWSBI Eco in 1.12018/10/25

Just some of the fountain pens in my collection.

— “We stopped it. We stopped it here. Through the grace of God, I stopped it.„ - 2020/08/23