A lemon


October 2017

Render from Blender
Render from Blender2017/10/15
Running in Javascript
Running in Javascript2017/10/20

Experimented a bit with rendering 3D in JavaScript, using Pixi, Phaser, and a few other things. Presenting, white boxes and load bearing struts.

(P.S. - Turns out queueing and pathing vehicles for docking is a giant pain.)

— Brutalism in Spaaace Afficianado - 2017/10/20


August 2016

Mucking about in Unity
Mucking about in Unity2016/08/14
A station and a planet
A station and a planet2016/08/14
Spaceship on a platform
Spaceship on a platform2016/08/08
An unecessarily detailed platform
An unecessarily detailed platform2016/08/06
Digital LEGO blocks are cheaper
Digital LEGO blocks are cheaper2016/08/06
Plan View
Plan View2016/01/26
Iso View
Iso View2016/01/26

Once upon a time I learnt how to use Blender, but then I forget how all over again.

— UI Masochist - 2016/08/14