A lemon


August 2020

rosemary sirloin
rosemary sirloin2020/07/24
porterhouse fatcap
porterhouse fatcap2020/07/21
steak and chimichuri
steak and chimichuri2020/03/06
steak with bokeh
steak with a serving of bokeh2019/07/07
stir-fry steak
stir-fry steak2019/05/11
fatty steak
fatty steak2019/04/21

Steak is the best.

Superior in taste, nutrition, and healthiness, compared to all its competitors.

— Cast iron supremacist - 2020/07/25


August 2020

Photo of my dessert
Photo of my dessert2019/09/17
haloumi burgers
haloumi burgers2019/05/11

Mascarpone and haloumi are the superior equivalents to ice cream and bacon, respectively.

— Hater of Hiilihydraatti - 2019/09/17